Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wilton Flag Football Program:

  • Is Wilton Flag Football League Co-ed?  Yes, we are a Co-ed league where both boys and girls can be on the same team.  We also have a All Girls Flag Football League.
  • When will the Season Start?  The Spring season will officially start when the kids return from Spring Recess, which in 2020 is April 20th.  Head Coaches will have the option for 2 or 3 weeks of non-mandatory preseason practice before the Spring season starts.  In Fall of 2020 the Regular season will officially start the first week of school which is August 24th.  Head Coaches will have the option for 2 or 3 weeks of non-mandatory preseason practice before the Fall season starts.  
  • When will the first game be held?  In Spring of 2020 the first game of the Regular season will be Saturday April 25th.  In Fall of 2020 the first game of the Regular season will be Saturday August 29th.  
  • When will the Season End?  In Spring of 2020 the last game will be Saturday June 6th.  In Fall of 2020 the last game of the season will be Saturday November 7th.  
  • Will we be playing other towns?  Yes, we do play other towns but most of the time we play Wilton vs Wilton because we like to offer our parents a flexible schedule that works with other Wilton sports.   Usually our older grades from 5th grade and up will have the option to play other towns like Westport or New Canaan.  
  • What time and day will the practices be?  We will have one 60 to 120 minute practices every week where we have designed the beginning of each practice to teach the fundamentals of Flag Football in a progressive format,  Where we build on what was taught the previous week so the players learn more advanced techniques each week of the season. 
  • What time will the games be on Saturdays?  We will try not to have a game earlier than 10am and no later than a 6pm start.  We will do our best to adjust our game times around other sports so our players can do more than one sport without having to race from one field to another.  Currently we play 2 games an hour at Upper and Lower Middlebrook with exact starting times at 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm, & 5:30pm  
  • Do I have to be a Wilton resident to play?  Yes, this league is for Wilton residents only.  However we will allow a non Wilton resident to join us as long as your town does not have a flag program and as room allows in our Wilton program.
  • Can I choose a specific coach, team or friend to play with?  No, all teams are drafted each season based on preferred practice days and player evaluation history.  However you can request to play with a certain player or that a certain coach draft your child, all requests will be added to our draft notes.  There is no guarantee that you will be on a specific team or with a certain player, but your odds increase when we add the notes to the draft process.
  • Will all teams be perfectly balanced?  No, our goal will be to balance the teams the best we can.  However a perfectly balanced team is almost impossible to achieve because a teams success can be based on a coaches knowledge and skills as much as a players abilities and potential.  All players learn and progress at different rates, so a team can start off slow and end up being one of the best teams.  Our goal is to have each team perfectly balanced but its most important to us that the players have the most fun possible! 
  • What equipment do I need to play?  The only piece of equipment that you need to supply is cleats (Mouthpiece is recommended but not required).  You will receive a Reversible NFL Flag Jersey and a NFL Flag belt when you register and they are yours to keep.  You can wear any pair of shorts you want but NFL Flag prefers all shorts are solid dark colors and without pockets.  Its very important that your shorts do not match the color of your NFL Flag, yellow or green shorts or stripes are not allowed.
  • What is the Regional Allstar Team?  The Regional Allstar team is a group of 10 players or less that are invited to the Annual NFL Flag Football Regional Tournament in Massachusetts.  
  • More to follow