Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Attention Fall 2019 Cheer Coaches

ALL those who expect to be coaches or assistant coaches MUST complete several requirements (see below) and keep digital records when you have completed them. Once completed, you will need to go through a registration process on the WYF website for coaches. It is best to complete the WYF Coach Registration AFTER you have completed the requirements for First Aid, CPR, Background Check etc. Below are the links and instructions for the Coach Requirements:

1. BACKGROUND CHECK (to be completed annually)

Please go to the website to complete this procedure. Scroll down and click on:

I am a candidate to coach / volunteer and will have Wilton Youth Football pay for my background check

After you have entered your information you will be given a 5 digit confirmation number, please enter the confirmation number under Background Check in your Coach Registration on the WYF website. If you have trouble with this, forward your confirmation number to Lisa Dominick . (Be sure to state your full name and mention that you are a CHEER coach sending the Background Check confirmation number.)


All HEAD coaches need to be First Aid/CPR certified. The WYF Board will pay for assistant coaches that are interested, though it is not required.                                    
CPR and First Aid (no cost):
Go to
Username: firstnamelastname (all lowercase ie. marychila)
Password: firstnamelastname (all lowercase ie. marychila)

You will be registered for 2 courses - CPR certification AND First Aid. Please take both. After you have completed each course you will provided an electronic certificate with a 6 digit number and expiration date. These certifications are good for 2 years.


(American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators, which is a non-profit educational association for cheer coaches across the U.S. The course focuses on cheer safety, liability issues and other cheer related topics.) Grade 3 and up all HEAD coaches must be AACCA certified by the first practice in August. The WYF Board is willing to pay for any assistant coaches to be AACCA certified if they are interested, though it is not required

Go to:
Click on the "Courses" tab
Go to "Sport-Specific Courses"
Go to "Spirit"
It will bring up two different courses.
You want the "AACCA Spirit Certification" which is the one on the bottom.

This course requires a credit card outlay of $75. Once you have completed the course, WYF will reimburse you. Please forward your electronic receipt to Lisa Dominick and she will submit for reimbursement.
This certification is good for 4 years.


CONCUSSION TRAINING --Head coaches required, assistant coaches are encouraged, but not required, to do the concussion training.
Go to
Take the online training and answer the questions as you go along. At the end of the final quiz you should be able to print a certificate.  Please save the certificate and attach it to your WYF Coach online registration under "Concussion Training" send your certificate to Jen Hough . This is an annual certification.


Once you have completed all 4 steps above, you are ready to enter the information into the Coach Registration program on the WYF website. Direct Link to registration page:


  1. When entering dates on the WYF Coach Registration, please use two digits for the year instead of four digits. (8/1/19 instead of 8/1/2019)
  2. If you are a parent of a player or are in the system from prior years of involvement, there is no need to re-enter all your information. Log into your profile using your email address and follow the directions on the prompts for registering/logging in. Please do not duplicate your profile.
  3. Please be sure your member information page includes your Date of Birth or you will not be able to register as a coach. If you do need to add your date of birth, be sure to click on "submit" and then go back to this email with the link and try again. Your DOB in your profile will have a 4 digit year (1/1/1980)
  4. If you no longer have access to your profile because of an email address change, please contact for help.


Please contact Michelle Lester at  if you have any questions. Thanks