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There are specific SIDELINE RULES FOR GAME DAY that must be followed.

The FCFL requires that a Field Commissioner be present at each game each weekend.  A field commissioner is a head coach or appointee for the host league, whose team is not playing, to be present at the field to oversee weigh-ins, address conflicts, provide crowd control and maintain a general sense of sanity at the venue.  Here are a few of the specific rules that are in place that we need everyone’s help in accomplishing.

  1. Unless you have a “Field Pass”, are a player or cheerleader, you are not allowed on the sideline….PERIOD.  Each head coach is issued several “field passes” for coaches, play counters and the chain gang.  If you or ANY member of your family does not have a field pass, they will be asked to sit in the stands.  This applies at every venue, zero tolerance.
  2. If you are taking pictures WITH A FIELD PASS, you can NEVER take pictures from either end of the field, only the sideline.
  3. The field must be left clean and free of debris.
Saturday evenings are the toughest to maintain order.  It is a perfect opportunity for families and friends to gather and root on Wilton.  In past seasons, we have been more lax about enforcing the sideline rules.  As a result, we have built the habit of hanging out on the sidelines or playing in the end zones.  The rules are very simple, NO ONE is allowed on the sidelines, on the track, in the sand pit, or in the end zones without a sideline pass.  Of course participating players, coaches and cheerleaders are the exceptions.  If a referee has to stop a game to assist in crowd control, our Wilton team can be assessed a penalty.  And as we all well know, you do not want to get on a referees bad side, so please, everyone help enforce the Sideline Rules.

Lastly, we are guests at the Wilton High School field.  After every home game, the head coach is responsible for ensuring the sidelines are cleaned up.  We ask that every family assist so our head coaches aren’t there any longer than necessary cleaning things up (drink bottles, food wrappers, mouthguards, etc.).  Just please do your part after each game to clean up the sidelines.

We all agree a Saturday night at the stadium is great family entertainment, however, we just need to ensure we are enjoying it within the rules.

Thank you,
The WYF Board
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